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4minute’s Sohyun and Jihyun transform into cute brides

4minute’s Sohyun and Jihyun made sudden transformations from singers to beautiful young brides.

So Hyun recently tweeted, “Together with Namji unnie <3″, and uploaded a photo of the two wearing white fluffy wedding dresses.

While Sohyun is wearing a mini-dress with a great big bow tie clipped onto her hair, leader Jihyun had a veil clipped to the side of her hair, and both showed a more feminine and cute side to their character.

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Goo Hara was beaten up during high school

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KARA’s Goo Hara recently revealed a bit about her school life, during her appearance on KBS 2TV’s variety program “Nocturnal.”

On the show, she confessed that she was bullied by older female classmates due to being too popular with the male students.

“It wasn’t just simply bullying though, it was a lot more shocking. Girls would come to my classroom and beat me up.”

The MCs thought lightly of it and commented, “They probably just hit you one or two times,” causing Goo Hara to retort, “They really did beat me up until I was about to die!”

She then got up and reenacted the scene herself, causing the MCs to burst out in laughter.

Goo Hara’s high school experience can be seen on October 24th at 11:15 PM.